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To All of Our Loyal Customers

October 18, 2016

Hi! I’m Steve Rasmussen. I was a young, brash upstart just out of school when I discovered The Milk Pail “Dairy.” Even before it became fashionable, I felt so strongly about bringing customers quality products at great prices, that my dad and I rescued The Milk Pail from bankruptcy Court in 1974.

Much has happened over the past several years. Our name has changed from “Dairy” to “Market” to better reflect what we are. The old drive thru area is now part of our beautiful, much talked about outdoor produce section; and of course, the very reason you are reading this, our new website! Through this new adventure, we hope to continue to bring our customers a unique and satisfying shopping experience with great customer service and new, exciting ways of selling excellent quality products at an affordable price.

What will continue is the ease and convenience of shopping at The Milk Pail Market. You’ll still be greeted with a warm and friendly smile every time!

The Milk Pail Market has been consistent over the years in offering you new ideas and exciting foods. Do you remember when we introduced exotic French, Danish, and Swiss type cheeses when the Supermarkets were fixated in Velveeta and Processed American Slices? Indeed, times have changed. The Milk Pail Market even existed years before two guys named Ben and Jerry thought ice cream could be fun! Now, we sell 1,000 pints a month of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

If you haven’t been to The Milk Pail Market lately, you will be amazed to see the abundance of new products lining our shelves. It’s true, some things only get better with age… Sharp cheddar and The Milk Pail Market!

Thanks to all of you for your loyalty these past years. Please let us know what you think of the new Cyber Pail! (A weak stab at humor for you net-savvy shoppers out there!)

Please contact us at The Milk Pail Market with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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