It swings, it jives…


¿Quién demonios es Ud.?

Mi barrio cuenta con los sabores de…

  1. Breakfast at Hobee’s, breads at Le Boulanger, burritos at La Costeña, burgers at In-N-Out
  2. Bitchin concerts at Shoreline
  3. Blimp hangar and Berlin Wall segment —
       history on a monumental scale
  4. Beautiful rainless summers with bonus month
       in October
  5. Bare-ass beaches just over the hill (San Gregorio, Hole in the Wall, etc)
  6. Browser gods Mozilla  (also search gods Google and F/X gods sgi)
  7. Boston Computer Museum now on the West Coast
  8. Behemoth techie toyland Fry’s Electronics
       (in Wild West drag)
  9. Best dot com, homeboy’s hometown ISP
  10. Bowls in Greer Park (to skate in, tonto)
the barrio in pics

Mountain View, Alta California “Puro Norte”

Amarla o largarse de ahí

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